No Five Points, No Gospel, But Sometimes Agreeing with the Five Points is Like False Circumcision

by alexd281

For the Elect Alone

Arminian: “Is agreeing with five points of Calvinism a second work of grace? Will that decision add to the finished work of Christ?”

mark: Let me be the first to say that one can agree with the five points of Calvinism and still be lost. Let me say second that if you agree with any of the five Arminian points, then you still believe a false gospel. The true gospel stands in antithesis to all five points argued by the Arminians. You don’t need to know what Arminians are, but you do need to know the gospel which contradicts any idea that Jesus died for all sinners.

Let me give you an analogy: “uncircumcision is also nothing”. If you let yourself be circumcised, then you are under the curse of the law. How can Paul say that and then also say that “uncircumcision is nothing”?

Faith in the true gospel…

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