The basic Calvinism-free gospel

by alexd281

For the Elect Alone

Universalists always say: nothing stops God from saving everybody. In other words, even though God has revealed what He promises to do, nothing keeps a sovereign God from breaking that promise and doing something else. Another way the neo-orthodox universalists say it: God speaks in baby talk, so that we can never articulate who God is or what the gospel is anyway. So we will articulate a possibility which the fundies exclude!

The truth of God stops God from saving people with a lie. The glory of God stops God from denying the sufficiency of the propitiation for sins by the God-man: if even one of those sins is further punished, then neither Jesus is God or the Father is God. The glory of God is the revelation of God, not only God being God, but God showing Himself by the gospel to be God!

John 5:36 “the works which…

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