John MacArthur and the Lies of Lordship Salvation – Part 1

by alexd281

Cornbread & Bourbon

In 1988, in an overreaction to the teachings of Zane Hodges, pastor and author, John MacArthur, introduced the world to Lordship Salvation with the publication of his book, “The Gospel According to Jesus”. Dr. MacArthur had already been preaching and teaching the substance of Lordship Salvation for some years prior. Some of his earlier works, like “Complete In Christ”, are testaments to this. But it wasn’t until 1988 that he set out to publish a robust exposition of what he taught concerning gospel assurance and the sanctified life.

His book received immediate criticism. Some pastors and theologians labeled it a return to Rome. Others called it Neonomianism. Either way, most who criticized it would later adopt it as their own view. Only a small minority continues today to resist it. In the face of the once and former initial criticism, Dr. MacArthur followed his book up a few years later…

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