Christ’s Death the Only Difference

by alexd281

For the Elect Alone

I realize that nobody can believe what I call gospel unless God causes them to. Literally: cannot believe it. We can discuss freewill all day, but nobody of their freewill believes in a God who saves sinners by death on the cross. (The offense is not only that God only saves some of the sinners.)

By nature, we would rather believe that there is more to it. By nature, we believe that community with other religious people will change us so that by grace we really do become more acceptable to God.

By nature, we believe that God is not strict on justice. By nature, we believe that what we believe about God is a condition of salvation, and not a result of God’s purpose. By nature, we want to believe in order to be saved. By nature, we cannot believe that the elect believe what they do because God…

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