The James White Fallacy

by alexd281

Cornbread & Bourbon


James White insists that most of the Arminians who he knows are inconsistent.   He has never bothered to explain just precisely what they are inconsistent about, but he does insist they are inconsistent.  In fact, he insists that most Christians are inconsistent about some things they believe.  By inconsistent, I suppose he means unbiblical, as in, most Christians believe some things that are unbiblical.  Perhaps he is right, or perhaps he is wrong.  Regardless, he uses his argument about inconsistency to make a most fantastical leap in logic.  He surmises that if you disagree with his assessment that an “inconsistent Arminian” is a brother, then you must be advocating for faith in perfect knowledge.  This is absurd.   Who said anything about perfect knowledge?

Must our knowledge of the truths about Christ be complete and/or perfect in order to have assurance?  No, because not all propositions concerning the truths about Christ…

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