What The Thief Knew And Believed


Assumptions Assumptions: 

I have often encountered many no doubt sincere, but  uninformed or misinformed believers who have been taught or assumed that the thief on the cross beside Jesus did not “understand theology”. He has often been cited by those same believers to advance the idea that one can be saved apart from saving knowledge of the gospel and the case of the thief proves  it. This assertion, I intend to demonstrate is entirely inaccurate. And therefore, it advances a false doctrine which whether intended or not, supplants the truth of gospel by undermining it, claiming it is not of “first importance”.

What Did The Thief Know? 

In approximately six quite inhuman hours, enduring excruciating pain while hung and or nailed to a cross, with every muscle in spasm, major nerves on fire, bones coming out of joint, writhing  in unrelenting pain, gasping for breath,  the thief on the cross came to…

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