God has no partnership with Satan.

by alexd281

The Neon GasLamp

There are many people who claim that one can be saved by believing a false gospel. A great many of the people who make this claim operate under the label of “Calvinist,” although there are plenty of Arminians who make this claim about other groups as well, such as Catholics.

These people will not come out and say “you can believe a false gospel and be saved.” Most of the time, they will say things like “God saves in spite of our mistakes,” or “You’ll be surprised by who ends up in heaven,”-implying that members of various denominations or even religions will go to heaven in spite of what they believe concerning Christ. Another example is, “I was saved from a young age, but I only recently came to know about the doctrines of grace/Calvinism.” The underlying point of all of these claims is that people can be saved by…

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