“The Gospel According to John MacArthur” Reading of John W. Robbins

by alexd281

Good morning Steemit brethren,

I present to you today a reading of “The Gospel According to John MacArthur” by John W. Robbins which is a critique of “The Gospel According to Jesus” by John MacArthur. The reading was recorded by my brother Duane Linn. One of the most important points I would like to make is that faith that saves does so because God grants that faith with its proper object. It is not due to some subjective quality of faith that Neo-Calvinists seem to assert.

When it comes to being a Christian, it is not “if one walks like a duck and talks a duck, they must be a duck” as in “If one walks like a Christian, they must be a Christian”. Even goats may wax religious and perform meritorious works in the sight of men but we know if these works have not their basis being in God-given faith that they are useless like chaff in the wind.

It is only sheep that hear His voice and believe the gospel. It is only sheep that submit to the righteous of Christ revealed therein. It is only sheep that repent of dead works. We will know them by their fruit. Fruit of believing and resting in the gospel of Christ, who is the LORD of the Sabbath.


What gospel do they confess? Is it one solely conditioned of Christ, is it conditioned the sinner, or is it some abominable permutation of the two?

Concerning the gospel, we don’t get to put our ducks in more than one barrel. Our hope either lies in Christ, the Rock of our salvation, in His death as satisfaction for the righteous requirement of the law or it is lost within the sands of self with the wrath of God abiding. This isn’t Burger King. With salvation, you cannot have it your way!



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